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  • Dreaming vs Pretending

    How can you tell difference between dreaming and pretending? I dream of a better world where people don’t let greed get in the way of humanity. I dream of food systems that do not destroy our planet and the people who live on it. This dream slips into pretending when I tell myself and others […]

  • I did a Gap Analysis and found out what the world was missing: ME!

    I did a Gap Analysis and found out what the world was missing: me! I’ve been hiding the treasure of myself from the world. It is exhausting, though, building and maintaining this vault to contain a powerful being. The vault is made of performative gestures, well-timed nods and comments on the weather. Lots of jell to […]

  • Gods and Monsters

    “I am the best pimp. Did you know that?” Landy asked, raising his eyebrows and tilting his head toward me. I didn’t know that. The babbling water and drone of the crickets seemed magnified by the lull in our conversation. We sat on the banks of a rushing river under a bridge, an arc of […]

  • Subjective Wealth & Success

    One of the first things I did when I moved back home was to visit my dad’s old friend, Mr. Roy Williams. Ever since I could remember, Mr. Roy stood behind the bar at his small saloon drinking and serving beer and soft drinks to anyone who was buying. On the speakers of an aged […]

  • Local Hardware

    Local Hardware

    There’s a hardware store conveniently situated on the road heading out of town. Every Saturday on the way to the farm, the contractor usually asks to stop there to pick up odds and ends. We go in and are greeted with a nod by the bored clerk, a young man leaning on the counter and scrolling on his smart […]

  • Beginnings


    I landed in Belize in the afternoon, a half hour earlier than scheduled. I had plenty of time at the baggage claim and waltzed through customs with a bored nod from the officer who barely looked up from his smartphone. On the curbside waiting for my ride, I checked Facebook and suddenly was struck by […]