Category: Fiction

  • Hot Bikes

    Hot Bikes

     Martin walked up the street back to the flea market place he had seen earlier. It was a beleaguered storefront with boarded up windows and people milling about outside, eyeing items arranged in haphazard fashion on the sidewalk. There was an odd assortment of things—toys, watches, mirrors, and at least two fire extinguishers. The bikes […]

  • Stale, Hot Cheetos

    Stale, Hot Cheetos

    Hot Cheetos. Stale Cheetos. Stale, hot Cheetos. I was well known in the city as a food critic, but no one knew the intricacies of my daily routine. They didn’t know, for instance, that every evening I filled my sink with warm water, opened a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and set it at the […]

  • Short Wave

    Short Wave

    The year, 1996. The time, universal.
 Somewhere, far back-a-bush, “Mmm Bopp” squeaked out of a short wave radio into the humid night. The radio sat in a corner of a thatch hut, on a knock-an’-stan’-up table, its antenna broken crudely and splinted back together with a thick coating of flimsy scotch tape and an emery board. In the […]

  • The Storm

    A pony-drawn hearse rolled up for my father. He was still alive but very sick and surely would not survive the storm. There were murmurs of a great storm roaring our way over the hills and gaining power. The murmurs grew and spilled out into great worries and the worries turned to terror. We didn’t even board […]